10 things you should know before you visit Dakhla Coming to kitesurf in Dakhla? Here's some useful info for you!

So you’ve been searching for a great kite spot to come and visit and you’re thinking about coming to Dakhla? This amazing kiteboarding location has SO much to offer all different levels, so here are 10 tips from us that you should know about this spot before you come to visit!

1 – Is it all about the flat water? Dakhla is best known for its 45 kilometre flat water lagoon. This spot is ideal for beginners and freestyle lovers. There are areas where the water can get a little choppy, but there are other spots where it is butter-flat, and simply heaven. If you wait for the low tide, you can enjoy the speed spot for its now world-famous conditions, or enjoy our spot directly in front of Dakhla Spirit, where you can also find perfect glassy conditions. BUT… Dakhla is also an amazing wave spot, and offers a variety of spot for wave kitesurfing, or on windless days normal surfing. There are a few different spots, located near town, or further out, that are definitely worth a visit. At dakhla spirit we offer transfer to the wave spots if you want to go and test them out!

2 – Will it be too hot? We may be in the desert, but it can get COLD! Particularly at night! So bring some warm clothes, a hoodie, some long pants for the evenings… It’s nothing comparable to northern european winters… but it can definitely feel fresh! Best to come prepared.

3- Do I need to bring a wetsuit? Same goes for your sessions… best to bring a wetsuit.. even if its just a shorty or 3/2 summer suit. When the wind is strong, if can feel much cooler so best to be prepared for your kitesurfing sessions.

4 – The questions we are most often asked is… what kite size shall I bring? My answer is always: bring EVERYTHING that you have! Dakhla conditions can be variable. In the summer months it is normally stronger wind, and we would recommend you bring your smaller kites. But it can change easily from one day to the next, so it’s always best to be prepared. We offer full equipment rental at our kite centre if you need it.

5 – Im a vegan – what will I eat?? Don’t worry. Over the years we have grown accustomed to dealing with all kinds of dietary requirements. That means that our kitchen can now cater to your needs if you are vegan, vegetarian, gluten intolerant etc. At Dakhla Spirit, all meals are included in the price of your accommodation, and all you need to do is let our manager know when you arrive about your needs. You can enjoy lots of great food, a mixture of Moroccan and international food, with lots of fresh and healthy ingredients.

6 – I arrive very late… will you still be able to arrange an airport transfer for me? Yes! Don’t worry We are used to picking up clients on every flight, so simply let us know your flight details, and we will be there to collect you.

7 – I need a decent internet connection so that I can still work while I’m in Dakhla.. is it possible? Yes, don’t fret! Whilst you need to be realistic and understand that we are in the middle of the desert, and you can’t expect a super fast internet connection, what we do recommend for people who need better connection is to rent a USB internet stick from reception and with that you can work away while you stay in Dakhla. You can also buy SIM card from Maroc Telecom, and at our location in Dakhla Spirit these work very well. You can stay connected while you are having the best kite trip of your life 🙂

8 – I don’t want to feel stuck at a resort, can I get transport to town? Of course you can! There are lots of nice restaurants in Dakhla city, and things to see and do. We can arrange your transfer for you at the price of 10 euros per person. The driver will leave you in town and collect you later on. You can try some great food or take a walk around the market. You can also rent a car in Dakhla if you want to have more freedom to move around.

9 – Will it cost me a fortune to bring my kite gear? No, it won’t. Thanks to Royal Air Maroc you can now travel with your board bag free of charge. Keep it below 23 kilos though as they might charge you for the extra kilos.

10 – I want to party a bit also… is this the right place for me? At Dakhla Spirit, we like a little party… but this destination is more for people who want to kite all day, everyday, and have a few drinks and a laugh after dinner. We have a  beach bar which serves alcohol, and is open each evening so you can enjoy some drinks and music each evening. The emphasis at Dakhla Spirit is on having a good time, meeting other kitesurfers from around the World, making friends, and generally enjoying the good vibes!


If you have any questions about visiting Dakhla, just drop us an email on [email protected] and we are happy to answer!


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