Although most people associate Dakhla with the flat water lagoon, it does also offer some amazing wave spots , all located very close by.

The best season for waves is generally from October through to April, but you can also get lucky and score a good summer swell!

The closest surf spot to the camp is Point D’or which is located just 5 minutes by car from Dakhla spirit. This is a wonderful wave spot with side on – shore wind and very uncrowded. You will rarely in fact come across other kiters at this spot who are not part of your group. You need to access it by 4×4 and it is not possible to get to the beach with a normal car. Transfer prices from Dakhla Spirit to point D’Or are 10 euros per person, minimum 4 people. If its not windy, this spot is also great for a nice surf session.

Foum Lobouir is probably the most popular Dakhla surf spot and is located at the entrance to Dakhla city. You can reach this spot with an ordinary car, and the transfer time from Dakhla spirit is approximately 20 minutes. A wonderful spot that works perfectly for kiting when windy, and also provides great surf when there is no wind. this is the spot that annually hosts the World Wave competitions. Transfer price from Dakhla Spirit is 10 euros per person, minimum 4 people.