Dakhla Spirit is a place that has been built out of love and passion for both the sport and the amazing location, and this is reflected in everything at the camp. Soufiane Hamaini, creator and director at Dakhla Spirit first discovered this amazing lagoon over 15 years ago. Although his native hometown is Morocco’s other wind capital, the beautiful town of Essaouria, Soufiane maintained a close link with Dakhla throughout the years always with the intention of setting up a business and promoting this amazing desert gem.

Soufiane first started kiteboarding back in 1999, and the very start of the development of the sport… he was soon discovered and sponsored, which took him to Tarifa where he set up a base for training, and then travelled the world competing on the World Cup tour for many years, eventually finishing with a 4th World Ranking. He spent many years travelling to some incredible locations, as part of the North International team, but realised that Dakhla was still one of the most amazing places offering ideal kiteboarding conditions. So, he decided to return to Morocco and work set up his ideal kiteboarding camp, centre and hotel and at the same time still continue to travel to his other favourite spots around the globe to participate in trips, travel stories and competitions.

Soufiane has dedicated his life to the sport, and now to the region, helping develop this amazing location, and ensuring that our clients here feel welcome and in safe hands.

Dakhla Spirit is a camp built on passion and energy…. a place where people are welcomed like friends, and will immediately feel at home.

Welcome to Dakhla Spirit.