Welcome to Dakhla Spirit

Over 300 windy days a year, perfect flat water, amazing waves, yoga, kite camps with the best world pro-riders?

It has never been easier to combine everything just within one vacations: riding the flattest water and solid waves, being up to sunrise/sunset yoga sessions, going on the desert road trips and downwinders with dolphins jumping around. We do Dakhla differently!
Dakhla Spirit Lagoon camp which is located at the amazing spot right overlooking the lagoon, so you can spend 24 hours a day riding your dream spot or Dakhla Spirit Surf House which is situated in the edge of Dakhla town just next to one of the best wave spots.
Come and experience Dakhla kite paradise with us in a whole new way!

Camera & edit: Svetlana Romantsova (vimeo.com/user5909909)

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