10 tips to become a better kiteboarder! Feel like your stuck in a routine?... take our tips to improve your kiteboarding level!

Sometimes we find ourselves after years of kiteboarding, stuck in a bit of a routine… it’s normal! You head out for a session and end up doing the same 5 tricks you learnt years ago… it feels safe and it’s still fun… but its time to progress! Here are some tips from us to help you improve your level, learn some new tricks, and have lots of fun!

Dakhla Spirit Camp bungalows directly on the dakhla lagoon

Dakhla Spirit Camp bungalows directly on the dakhla lagoon

1. Learn the names of the tricks and the types of rotation so you can recognize the tricks when someone is executing them.  Watch videos online as often as possible, watch the tricks that you want to learn, and follow riders on social media so you can see them doing the tricks you want to learn. All of this is to surround yourself with what you are aiming to do.

2. Surround yourself with better riders than you. They will help you to push your limits and it is always good to take as much advice and tips as possible from people who have a higher level than you.

3. Film yourself to see how it looks, because trust me, it is never as we thought it was! Going through the footage will help you analyse your tricks and learn from your mistakes. You can also get a tracking system like the Woo which can help you push yourself every time you go on the water.

4. Don’t waste the windy days! This is the number one rule of kiteboarding; if it is windy you gotta go, you never know what tomorrow is going to be like. Try to spend as much time on the water you can. So don’t be picky with the conditions, every session has something to offer. If the wind is out of breath you should definitely start wakeboarding, it has a lot to offer to make you a better kiteboarder.

5. Try to really visualize the trick in your head before attempting it. Practice in the air on the beach or with the kite on the sand or bit of water when the wind isn’t strong. This is totally needed for people who want to pass the bar in the air or to train to land blind for example.

6. Don’t attempt tricks that are out of your range; that’s how injuries happen! … and we all know that injuries can really slow you down. So, by all means aim high and work towards that big trick you want to land, but work your way up to it slowly making sure you know each step of the way.

When you want to learn a new trick, get back to the basics. For example for a backroll to blind;  Land a few good bankrolls clean and high before attempting the blind.

8. Try your new tricks when you are riding with  big kites which will make it easier for you to learn and practice the tricks you already have while riding in stronger conditions.

9. Once you arrive on the water, start slow with all the basics tricks you can do. Get a little warm up with those tricks, you will have way more chance to learn a new one when you are fired up about the tricks you landed.

10. Try to travel to good kite spot, such as Dakhla, at least once a year… Dakhla Spirit offers amazing conditions for your progression, with its flat water and consistent wind conditions.. it’s the ideal place to try throwing down those new tricks! You can even book a couple of hours of one-on-one coaching with our advanced instructors to help you out!


But most of all… stay motivated and have fun!